Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adventure Time Collection - Famicom

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Adventure Time! 

Adventure Time: Challenge of the Door Lords
Finn is lost! After chasing a Door Lord clear across the land of Ooo, Finn is stuck far away from his treehouse, his pal Jake and his beloved (well, "liked-a lot") Princess Bubblegum! Take up your sword and search for the Door Lord's keys across 30 thrilling stages in this mathematical action RPG!

Adventure Time: Get Me Out Of This Cave
It'll take more than muscle to escape the underworld. Good thing Jake is a magic dog! Guide him through the Land of the Dead in this overhead action platformer.

Adventure Time: The Sweetest Scientist
The Candy Sphinxes, Goliad and Stormo, are locked in an eternal battle of wills atop Princess Bubblegum's castle. The battle must be heating up, because the castle is shaking! Harness the power of SCIENCE to protect the castle and put it back together in this fast-paced puzzle game.

Adventure Time: Maze of Endless Night
Marceline the Vampire Queen gets what she wants, and when she discovers that Princess Bubblegum has an embarrassing video of her from last week's party she wants it.  Take your trusty bass guitar and lay waste to everyone and everything between you and the video in this blistering shootemup game!

So, here's a little project I've been working on. Now that I have my digital SLR camera up and running again I can take better photos (or at least I can't blame the camera anymore).

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  1. If only these were real. I would play them so hard.